Finding the Best Products

As a national firm, we have relationships with hundreds of furniture and furnishings manufacturers. This gives us a wide breadth of offerings to match your needs. With more than 75 years in the industry, our seasoned staff brings their extensive product knowledge to every project. We utilize that knowledge to suggest the best solution based upon your time, budget, and product feature needs.

Listen First; Then Recommend

Our approach starts with the Project Needs Assessment.  In the furniture world, Indoff knows that “one size does not fit all”.  Every client has unique goals important to their specific project.  In order to match your requirements to the right products, timeline and budget goals, we start by asking questions and then listening.  Only after we feel we have heard and understand, do we begin to suggest product solutions.

Furniture Specifications

The furniture lines we represent come in a wide array of options and price ranges.  We employ real time software to create detailed product specifications ensuring order accuracy.   By utilizing these systems we minimize mistakes which would otherwise cause project delays.

Procurement, Receiving and Installation of Products

We take care of all the procurement, receiving and installation details.  Our process typically includes ordering product from manufactures and having it delivered to the assigned warehouse.  Once all products have arrived we contact you to schedule delivery.  Delivery includes: Set up and installation of the new furniture, removal of cartons and packaging materials and cleanup of the area and new furniture.  Our install team will also inspect the furniture for any damage or defects.  On the rare occasion there is a quality issue identified during the delivery the concern is addressed immediately and resolved.

Furniture Specification
Furniture Procurement