Optimizing the Environment

Working with our factory representatives, we provide you with tools to combat fatigue in the office due to poor posture and circulation.  We also provide sound solutions to absorb or mask the every-day noise in your office.

Ergonomic Audit

Sometimes physical issues and worker fatigue can be caused by improper use of your existing furniture. In other cases, additional products like anti-fatigue mats, monitor arms that adjust, and sit to stand surfaces are required.  We visit your site, assess these needs and provide solutions.

Workplace Audit

In many companies the office space has not been adjusted to new ways people work.  For example, teams that now need to work together are located in different parts of the building.  Work flows that used to work no longer are enough.  We can help you assess your space, provide recommendations and reconfigure the workspace as necessary.

Lighting Assessment

Many people suffer from eye strain due to improper lighting.  In some offices, the type and location of lighting leads to unnecessary lighting costs that are not benefiting the employees.  We have solutions to provide you with the right light for every area of the office.

Acoustic Assessment

Excess sound in the office can cause stress for workers and miscommunication.  Often employees are unable to hear customers or colleagues over the phone.   Sometimes open plan environments with low walls can create issues of confidentiality, where conversations that should be private are not.  We have solutions that either absorb or muffle sound where needed.  Providing a soundproof office “Think Tank” or “Phone Booth” is another great alternative.

Ergonomic Chair
Ceiling Baffle Acoustical Sound Masking