Post-Covid Workplace

An Unforeseen Pandemic

after coronavirus workplace

We are all ready to maintain some sense of normalcy in our lives since COVID-19. For some, that involves going back to the workplace.  As we return, we find ourselves asking some of the following questions:


How do we promote and encourage safety in the office? 

We didn’t budget for this…  What is it going to cost us?

If we need to maintain 6 feet of social distance, where do we put everybody? 

How are we going to keep the furniture clean?


No one has all the answers to what the office moving forward will look like. The only consensus is that it will be different from what it is now.


At Indoff, we constantly research the opinions and trends from industry leaders to be able to bring this knowledge to our clients. We are aligned with leading edge products that can address the needs that have come out of this pandemic.


With our 75+ years of knowledge and experience, how can we be of assistance to you?


Stay safe.