Frequently Asked Questions

Office furniture is all the same right?

Absolutely not.  Over the past years, office furniture has evolved in so many ways.  Cubicles can be made from noise canceling materials, desks can include USB hubs, and workstations can have hydraulic lifts so users have the option to sit or stand.

Our current location is local to the Carolinas but we will be expanding out of state soon. Will you be able to help us those locations as well?

Absolutely.  Because we are a national company, we can help furnish your space across the country.

We already know how we want our space to look so why should we pay you for services we don’t need?

You won’t.  We offer our design services for customers who need them.  Some customers have their own designers and just have us do the project management – make recommendations, place the orders, store the products, and facilitate the install.  But it never hurts to have us look over your plan and give you suggestions you may not have thought of.  Why not take advantage of our 25+ years in the commercial furniture business?

We’re a small company – we were planning on purchasing furniture from Wayfair or Amazon. What’s wrong with that?

A good amount of our customers did this.  And then came to us a year or two later wishing they hadn’t.  Here’s why.  Amazon and Wayfair sell residential products.  They are made for limited use – not for a commercial environment.  They will not hold up and will end up being a waste of your money.  Residential furniture and commercial furniture are not constructed the same.

We only need to furnish one small location, will you work with us?

Definitely.  Smaller projects often get overlooked by the larger companies because they have quotas to hit and they don’t have time for the smaller jobs.  With us, you get the attention you need because we are small, with the benefit of the fact that we are a national company.

A large furniture manufacturer offered to design our space for free. It sounded simple and seamless. What could go wrong?

That’s true.  Many manufacturers offer this service.  But they can only offer you THEIR brand of products.  What if they don’t have what you need?  They are biased in what they are offering you and they are working to meet their sales quotas.

We don’t work for one specific manufacturer and we have no minimums.  Products are specifically chosen based on what you tell us you need.  Our allegiance is to your company and your needs.

We have furniture that is still good but we need to expand. Will you work with what we have?

Yes. We do that sort of thing all the time.

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