Tremendous Discounts

Being a national firm with almost 200 salespeople around the country, you benefit from the tremendous discounts manufacturers grant us.

Exceptional Support

We listen to what you have to say, and then choose products and services to meet your needs based on your budget, time frame, and style preferences.

Loyalty To You

Products and vendors are specifically chosen based on what you tell us you need. Our allegiance is to your company and your needs.

Finding the Best Products

We have relationships with hundreds of furniture manufacturers and can offer you a wide variety to match your needs. […]

Planning Your Space

It can be difficult to visualize how everything will fit. Rest assured our drawings will help[…]

Providing Flexibility

As growth occurs and office needs change we work with you to develop the new layout and plan. We provide […]

Optimizing the Environment

We provide you with the necessary tools to combat fatigue and/or to absorb or mask every-day noise in your office […]

Managing the Project

Our experienced, certified, full-service installation teams are available throughout the country to receive and warehouse product[…]

Ongoing Support

Our customer service doesn’t end once your project is complete[…]

A Few of Our 300+ Vendors

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Cherryman Industries




Groupe Lacasse


Indiana Furniture







PIN Contract


Sit on It

Source International

Stance Healthcare

Studio Wise




Commercial Design Process

  • Discovery Process
  • Creative Process
  • Feedback Meeting
  • Future Budgeting
  • Furniture Review
  • Signoff & Agreement

Here we find out about your goals for the project and begin to find out more the specifics of your wants and desires, your budget, and time frame.  We believe that listening on our part and asking good questions is the key to our success in this step.

We then utilize software programs to space plan your area and find out what will fit.  We next select the manufacturers that meet your requirements, and if appropriate, specify the individual items that make up the bill of materials.  When needed, we will provide 3-D and top view drawings of the space with the furniture, so that you can have a visual representation of what the space will look like.  For large projects, color renderings can also be provided.

Sometimes changes need to be made during the process. At this point, we’ll get together and make any necessary refinements to your project.

In some cases, the client is budgeting for a future need, and just needs an amount to provide to their accounting department.  This meeting gives our clients the numbers for next year’s budget.

Often times we will take you to a previous client’s office where this same type of furniture has been sold before.  This gives you something to touch and feel, rather than just a picture.  You can see the product in action, and the previous client gets to show off their furniture.  Local manufacturer’s showrooms are another resource, as well as providing samples of some seating for you to try in your own office.

Once everything is agreed upon and signed off on, we order your furniture and coordinate shipment with our manufacturers.  Our sales support team communicates with you on the shipment of your furniture all during the process, and works with your schedule to coordinate a date and time for delivery.

Is your company growing?  Relocating to new space?  Do you need to maximize existing space and redesign? Please contact us today to speak with one of our experienced professionals.  No job is too big or too small!